Alaska Silver Alert - Media Guidelines and Information

Voluntary participation in the Silver Alert program by Alaska’s media, with prompt broadcast and distribution of Silver Alerts, is crucial to successfully locating missing vulnerable adults.

1. Silver Alerts will be initiated according to the procedures and criteria in the Alaska Silver Alert Plan following evaluation by local law enforcement. Media will be advised of Silver Alerts through email to the Alaska Silver Alert Media Advisory list. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) will not be used for Silver Alerts.

2. Silver Alerts will be distributed to Alaska’s media for distribution to the public. It is recommended the media consider distribution through the following methods:

  • Broadcast special report, crawler, announcement
  • Website posting
  • Social Media alert / post
  • Email broadcast

3. Radio stations are encouraged to broadcast the supplied script at least once an hour for the first six hours and then periodically for the first 24 hours or until canceled.

4. Cancelation of Silver Alerts will be through notice to the Alaska Silver Alert Media Advisory list.

Sample Silver Alert Message


The Alaska Department of Public Safety and the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management are activating the Alaska Silver Alert.

We have just received this important announcement regarding a missing vulnerable adult in (Name of city).

The (law enforcement agency) is asking the public’s assistance in locating (adult’s name) a (adult’s description including race, sex, age, height, weight, hair, eyes). (Adult’s name) was last seen (location) and is believed to be in DANGER if not located. (Adult’s name) was last seen wearing (clothing description).

Authorities believe (adult’s name) was likely traveling (on foot or enter vehicle description).

For more information on this Alaska Silver Alert please call 5-1-1 or go to our website at

Anyone with any information regarding this Alaska Silver Alert is asked to call 9-1-1 or the Silver Alert Hotline at 1-855-SILVR99 that’s 1-855-745-8799.

Media Contacts

Alaska Department of Public Safety – Public Information Office

Aaska Department of Public Safety – State Amber and Silver Alert Coordinator

Paul Fussey 907-754-3453

Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Amber and Silver Alert Operations

Mark W Roberts State Emergency Operations Center: 907-428-7100